my colors are blush and bashful

It’s officially the last day of my summer. School starts tomorrow. Usually it’s this time of year when I am thinking “I can’t believe how fast it went!” But quite honestly, this summer was so full of amazing things that It feels like years ago that I was putting my first group of students on the bus and waving goodbye. 

Ok so here is my summer in a few short sentences which I am sure won’t do justice to how great life really was the past few months…. I had the pleasure of being involved in 3 beautiful weddings, two of which were back home in Jay County giving me the chance to see old friends from high school that I hadn’t seen in forever! And although I don’t always love going back home, it is good to be reminded at times where your roots are, and living in the city had started to make me forget mine. The third wedding was in Columbus Ohio, hometown of my beautiful college roommate. The wedding was beautiful, but more importantly, the days before were spent having a Taylor reunion with some of my dearest friends. It’s funny how weddings bring the people you love the most all together in one place. I am sure there will be future posts about weddings. It’s become a running joke around here about all of the weddings I have been in. (it’s a little like 27 dresses.) 

I took some amazing road trips this summer too. Besides going back and forth to the midwest I also went to Washington DC with my friend Mary to see our friend Heidi for the fourth of July. I headed up to Pennsylvania for a weekend to hang out at Summer’s Best Two Weeks (my favorite place), and took a dirty south tour to Columbia, Charleston, Savannah, and Atlanta with a one, Cody York. 

When I wasn’t driving around spending all of my savings on gas money, I was here in Charlotte, hanging out at the pool, singing Karaoke with Christine and Julia, or watching netflix movies with Cody.

But now, It’s time for school to start again. I am ready. Jesus and I had a heart to heart today about how we are gonna make it through this year. 1 Samuel says that it isn’t by strength that we succeed. That’s a great thing because I don’t have enough strength to teach the kids that I have. It’s going to take total reliance on the one who got me this job in the first place. I am so excited to see what God is going to do in my classroom this year. Keep checking up on my blog and I’m sure you will get to hear all about it.


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