oh snap…..

two words that might describe this school year….well atleast the school year thus far. 

My kids are awesome…..I am serious. I have only known them two days and I love them. Before I started my first year of teaching over a year ago I started praying that God would love me so abundantly that I could use the overflow to love each of my students. My number one goal from day one has been to love each of them and in turn be the best teacher I can be in order to serve their educational and social needs the best way I can. Have I been completely successful? No. Have I been repeatedly amazed at what the Lord can do? Definitely. 

Ok so it’s only day two so we are technically in the “honeymoon” stage. My students have been fairly well behaved, but here are a few early highlights…

-armpit farting (I didn’t even know kids still did that, I’ve tried before unsuccessfully)
-I turned my back for one second and a student put both of his feet behind his head while sitting at his desk
-I have a student named Juasemai…….do your best to pronounce that….and then be shocked when I tell you it’s pronounced Jasmine.  (there are phonics for a reason….do your child a favor and use them)

A few other quality names

Pray for me please…and let me know how I can pray for you.


I love comments!

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