I could beat Michael Phelps at badminton.

Labor Day weekend never disappoints me. Back at Taylor I used to grab a bunch of friends and we would just hang out at my parents’ lake house all weekend and make sweet memories. Sadly, I am not at taylor anymore, but I have successfully kept labor day super sweet. Last year, the truly amazing Miss Heidi Prillwitz came down to Charlotte and then we headed out to the beach. This year turned out to be just as exciting. 

Julia, Christine, Ashley and I headed out early Saturday morning for Charleston, SC. If you haven’t been, you should pencil it in and pick me up along the way. It was a 3 and a half hour drive and we got to the beach for prime sun hours. I had conveniently forgotten that although it was the end of the summer, I haven’t been in the sun in months. I have been in the car, so I proceeded to get burnt to a crisp. No one else wore sunscreen either but they left with golden tans. I didn’t see any sharks, but I did watch a dad draw perfectly straight lines with a baseball bat to make a football field for his son. I hope my future husband can draw straight lines in the sand with a baseball bat. Watching this father-son sports extravaganza gave us a couple of hours of viewing pleasure. 

After our skin couldn’t take anymore beating we showered up at the hotel and headed downtown for a little shopping and a barbecue dinner, and then off for a ghost tour. If you know me well you know that I do believe in the spiritual realm and that the existence of ghosts is possible as far as the way Satan can use things like that to freak you out, but this ghost tour guy was a super-nerd. Now don’t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of nerds, but this guy was where I draw the line. It all started when Ashley teasingly asked him if a bus could drive us around and he sternly told her that it was a walking tour and we couldn’t see anything from a bus. Every other sentence out of this guys mouth was a pun. Not a real joke, a pun. I love a good joke, and even the occasional bad one, but I can only take puns in small doses. This was not a small dose. So of course when he started to talk about pirates I pulled out some pirate jokes, and even made up my own ghost jokes. 

“What’s a ghost’s favorite toy? A Boomerang.” Ha. Good right?
FInally, our tour ended at the cemetery and we said goodbye to our tour guide as he pulled out a cigarette. (maybe that’s why he was doin’ all that coffin.) 

We then proceeded to the mill. Which is this hotel with a really great bar on the roof. We met a couple of guys who seemed to have been drinking all day. They were waiting for a wedding party which never showed the whole time we were there. They were atleast good for a few laughs. At one point Christine had asked one of them if he was a great athlete and he said he could beat Michael Phelps at badminton. The same guy kept looking at Ashley and saying ” It ain’t her birthday but her name’s on the cake” Nothing like a middle-aged man quoting Lil Wayne.  To top the night off we met a police man from Muncie, Indiana…small world.

Back to the hotel we went, wrapping up yet another great labor day weekend.


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