too many sunsets I haven’t seen…

I drank the biggest coffee I have ever drank in my life this morning. I was pretty proud of myself, and it put me in a really good mood this morning, (nevermind the horrible breath.) 

Today was the first day of the 3rd grade end of grade test- pretest. lame. poor things, “Welcome to third grade! I’m your teacher Miss Liggett, here is a really big test that you aren’t going to know any of the answers to.” At one point during this test I was strolling up and down the rows of desks and noticed that one of my boys was crying. real tears. He wasn’t making any noise and he was still working, I’m not even sure how I noticed it, but when I did, i was reminded of why I got into this business. 

I was in a meeting tonight with the rest of the third grade teachers and I was looking around and realized how stressed and overwhelmed everyone looked. We range from seasoned teachers to beginners and everyone looked like they were about to pull their hair out with all the paperwork and crap that goes along with being an educator. I realize that stuff has it’s place. We have to write plans and fill out forms, and post grades because there must be some sort of accountability for what students learn, but amidst all of this have we lost site of the students? Have we lost site of what matters the most, adhering to the needs of the individual little people in our classrooms? I hope not. I pray that we haven’t. I am just still searching for the proof that is true. 

Someday I hope to make teaching easier. I want to help teachers teach. I want to help eliminate the paperwork and bs so that we can find the core of what matters. The souls of those we encounter daily are counting on it. If I need to have kids tested I shouldn’t have to fill out ten pages of paperwork…it should be easy so my kids can get the help they need quickly. If I have to post my grades online for the world to see, I should get to do it with a user-friendly program…..not the one that is currently provided ( clear throat here.) 

Well, there is my vent today. Pray for the teachers you know. Better yet, Pray for their students, and pray for this country and its educational values because school isn’t the same as it was when you were there, and that doesn’t mean it’s better.


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