shake, shake, shake, shake, uh shake it.

Student 1: (in the cutest spanish accent) Miss Liggett…did you get married?
me: nope
Student 2: (in yet another cute spanish accent) It’s just that it looks like there’s a baby in your belly and we thought you were going to have a baby and leave us forever.
Student 1: my aunt had a baby…
me: (interrupting) wait wait wait…guys, you can’t tell a lady that it looks like she has a baby in her belly….it just isn’t right.
student 2: oh. ok. 

later that day…

Student 1: (same student 1 as before, same cute accent) Miss Liggett, When I get home I’m gonna dance like a lady. (big smile)
me: ummmm…..what? (confused look)
Student 2: (cousin and supposed roommate of student 1) yeah, it looks like this (proceeds to put one hand behind is head, one on his hip and dance like a lady)


One thought on “shake, shake, shake, shake, uh shake it.

  1. aww lace, don’t you just love the things little kids say. so innocent & they just say whatever thoughts come into their head. lol
    love you girl! and i love reading your blog, keep them coming.
    miss you

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