I wonder do you know him?

I had an incredible opportunity to do some work with youth conference while at Taylor, and one year they showed this video about a hundred times. The first time I saw it I was like….what in the world is this lame powerpoint with the narration of an asthmatic preacher, but I soon grew to love it. I loved watching high school kids and college kids alike get excited about it. I even have a copy of the words and sometimes when I read it I get really overwhelmed with how great my King really is. My first summer at camp I tried to imitate the guys voice a couple of times….to no avail, but it was still fun. So there are really two reasons I decided to post this today. One, I got observed at school and I have been stressing about it for days. About an hour before it was supposed to happen I was running around my room getting everything ready and just stopped and started laughing and thought to myself. “God, you must think I am nuts doing all of this running around when you already have it all under control.” The observation went well and the peace that I felt was undeniably from the Lord. Two, I was driving home from work today and heard a voice on the radio that reminded me of the one on the video. I wish that I could set my alarm clock to the voice of this man. Or maybe he could move in with amanda and I and be our new roommate and just talk to me all the time. 



One thought on “I wonder do you know him?

  1. Ha. I bet Amanda would LOVE that. OK, so in Fresno someone showed this video for a Bible study, so I snagged their DVD and made myself a copy….good times.

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