it ain’t her birthday but her name is on the cake…

This past weekend was my birthday weekend. I love birthdays. For real. Even when they aren’t mine. And in true birthday spirit, this one was awesome. It all started with dinner on Friday followed by chickenfoot (the worlds best game) and When Harry Met Sally at my place. I was getting ridiculously tired and ready for bed when the doorbell rang. It was 11:30 so I assumed that something was going on in the neighborhood and our friendly neighbors wanted to make us aware, but I was scared to open the door and I made Amanda (the roommate/schemer) open it. And there stood none other than Brandon Wong, creating the best birthday surprise ever (besides that great second grade surprise party that my mom threw me.) No offense to Mary’s 21st birthday surprise party, but I had my suspicions about that one. Anyway….It was FANTASTIC having Brandon here for my birthday weekend, and to have him experience my life and friends here. 


So Saturday my great friends here in Charlotte threw me a Hoedown complete with corn hole, hillbilly golf, root beer floats, and square dancing. Life was good, here is some visual enjoyment.


barnyard bash games

barnyard bash games






2 thoughts on “it ain’t her birthday but her name is on the cake…

  1. ok… so the best part about that post is the title… it’s not my birthday but my name’s on the cake… oh the rooftops of charleston!

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