you’re just jealous cause my tambourine is shaped like an icthus

What a strange day..good…but strange.

I woke up at 7:10, this wouldn’t have been a big deal if I didn’t have a staff meeting at 7:30. I don’t remember anything from the time I woke up to the time I got into my car. It all happened so quickly. Apparently I can wake up and make it to work in 20 minutes flat because I made it into the meeting at 7:31. 

I didn’t wear a drop of makeup all day. I have never gone to work without at least a little bit of makeup. It was kinda nice, and I wore my glasses which the kids thought were great. 

I went to the grocery store but for some reason I only got three things when there were like 7 things on the list, but the cranberries were on in the store, the song was linger and all I could think of was how great the tambourine sounded. (I got an icthus shaped tambourine for my birthday this year….marvelous) 

I went to Pilates with my favorite instructor (Helen) she was her usually chipper self but instead of the usual very good mix of music she played the james blunt cd over and over. It’s hard to bend and stretch listening to him. Plus, my left leg kept shaking…low iron…but because I didn’t get everything I was supposed to at the grocery I don’t currently own any iron-rich foods. 

I lost my roommates keychain ymca-pass thingy (sorry amanda if you are reading this before I get a chance to tell you) I have no idea what happened to it. Yesterday I had it, today I don’t. But the good news is the lady at the Y told me that she could come in and tell them that her roommate is a fool and they will give her a new one. phew. 

Charlotte is out of gas. Strange but true. Not one gas station by school has gas. I feel like maybe there is one gas station out of 12 close to my house that has any. People are freaking out and waiting in line for like an hour at the ones that are open. I have half a tank. Hopefully It’ll last me until this gas madness ends. If not, I guess I will be exploring the charlotte bus system. 

At school I made 2 stacks of to grade now, and one to grade later. I of course accidently brought home the ones to grade later.

I ended the evening with soup for dinner. It wasn’t good, but apparently it was good for me so I will deal. 

I’ll close with this little inspirational video that we watched at the staff meeting today. I figure it’s a strange way to end because this is a strange post for an equally strange day.

do you believe in me?


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