Love’s the only house big enough for all the pain in the world

Fall has officially begun here in Charlotte, and I am loving it. The weather is a perfect 78 degrees, and we have been appropriately celebrating the coming of this season with a wonderful weekend.

Friday night, Christine, Julia, Amanda and I went to the Martina McBride concert. INCREDIBLE. I have been listening to her probably since the second grade. I remember being in my bedroom, singing into my hairbrush and wishing my eyes were blue so I could be just like Martina. Seeing her live was truly awesome and her incredible voice sounded even better than I had imagined it would. Plus, hanging out with the girls made it just that much better. 

Saturday we all went an apple orchard (pics to come soon.) We had apple donuts and cider slushies, chased chickens, and climbed trees to find perfect apples. It was fabulous. Afterward we went to the pet store to hold the puppies. I should probably not be allowed to go to pet stores unless I am sure to buy one because i go in and my heart turns to mush and then I almost cry when I walk out without one. We went back to a friends house and made one of the prettiest apple pies I have ever seen (it tasted really good too.) The night ended at Ed’s Tavern cheering hard for the cubs (julia’s fave team). They sadly lost. 

Today hopefully will end the weekend with a colts win, and a good night at Ephesus. I will leave you with the music video that started my love for Martina. Get out your microphone/hairbrush and feel free to belt it out.

A blast from your third grade past


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