Let’s get gone, walk it out (now walk it out)

When I started this blog I said I wouldn’t use it to give the play by play to my daily life cause that would be lame, but… I think today really sums up what my life really is all about these days so since this is my blog and I make the rules, I’m going to go against my original promise and write whatever the heck I want to write about.

So after an hour of punching the snooze I finally get out of bed. The jeans I want to wear for glorious jeans day are in the dryer so I pull them out and in the pocket I find the debit card which I thought I lost and had cancelled two days ago. (awesome) 

I get to school later than I have ever gotten there, but I am still half an hour earlier than I have to be there. So I send some emails and drink a diet coke for breakfast cause I think the caffeine might help even though it never seems to. The morning is ok, but I have this kid in my class who doesn’t understand the phrase “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” I get fed up and he had to sit by himself at lunch. When he sits down in his solitude, he turns over his unopened milk carton, squeezes it as hard as he can and it of course explodes all over him, his lunch, and the floor. I think my mouth hung open for a second before I just said “Well, I guess you are gonna have to clean it up.” He refused and sat in a chocolaty puddle for the next 20 minutes….(awesome)

I am sitting next to my friend Michelle at lunch and one of her students, gets up out of his seat..walks over to us….looks at her and says “Can I have the rest of your salad?” She looked at him dumbfounded and told him to sit back down. He continued with “I’m serious.” She said “I’m serious too, go sit down.” She then looked at me and I wondered what life would have been like if I would have gone to school with students brave enough to ask their teacher for their lunch…..really? 

We then proceed to recess where two students (neither of which are in my class) are chasing each other around when one kid loses his shoes and the other one throws them over the fence. He told me it was an accident. I asked him if he lost his mind and he said no. Then, the kid with only his socks on looked down and realized he was covered with ants and proceeded to freak out. (Do these things really happen, or was this all a dream?)

Next, a student whom was in my class last year but was out on the playground with us was way up in the jungle gym in one of those bubbles that you can see through from all sides. Well, his shirt was pulled up and his pants were to low and half of his a$$ crack was pushed up against the plastic for the world to view. Really? come on now..

Then, while lining up for recess, a girl, again not in my class, ran up to a nearby tree, grabbed a low limb and pulling it down proceeded to whack me in the face with it. She then, looked at me, and ran away saying nothing. That same girl got caught in Michelle’s class with a pair of real handcuffs…..no one in her family is a police officer so Michelle put them in a bag and quickly washed her hands. That’s an awkward phone call home. “Excuse me. This is your daughter’s teacher, your child brought some handcuffs to school today, and she says they belong to you. I just want you to know that they are here and you can pick them up at your convenience.”    nasty.

Back in the classroom yet again, one of the girls in my class called another student by his middle name which he did not approve of, so he turn his entire desk over on its side but this time I looked at him and out loud said…Really? Is this a joke? He said “no mam.”

It’s funny how these things happen every day and I never blog about them, but for some reason today I just thought that people should know what public educators face in the daily grind of raising up young people to be our leaders of the future. 

So, finally the kids got on the bus, I stayed until 6 organizing what hasn’t been organized in weeks, stopped at the greek restaurant on the way home, and listened to rap music with the window down to let go of the day. 

oh snap.


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