I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that I melted.

A few years after I become a christian and headed off to a private christian college I was bombarded with books that all seemed to be about the same topic. Books like, Captivating, Every woman’s battle, Wild at Heart (never read that one), and many more. I spent countless hours on the futon in our room or on the elliptical machine in the well reading about the same thing over and over…girls loved to be chased, guys like to chase. Sounds deep and profound right? I have decided recently that I might not have needed to spend time reading about this to truly understand the depth of the truth of that statement. 
I teach third grade. Every afternoon from 11:45 to 12:15 I am in charge of standing at the end of the slide to make sure kids go down the correct way. (This is a much harder concept to grasp than you might imagine.) Every day the students in my class play the same game. The girls choose some poor tiny gentleman, start chanting his name and saying things like nananana booboo (seriously) and when he finally looks their way, they scream and stampede over each other to get away from him. Eventually, the young man gets frustrated, gathers up a tiny gentleman posse and they start chasing the girls relentlessly all over the playground while they scream and laugh and plow each other over to get out of the reach of the boys. 
This isn’t the most interesting part of my observations though. If by chance, a boy actually gets close enough to capture one of the girls, 93% of the time she will immediately call time-out and start walking away. If the boys ignores this request, she says it with a little more force or pretends to be injured (rejected) and he walks away downhearted and as soon as he is out of eyesight she starts running and giggling again. For this 93% all the fun is actually in the chase. The girl actually hates being caught, and let’s be honest..the boy isn’t sure what he would do if he actually caught her. But, there is a small 7% of the time when one of the boys will catch a girl and she will actually let it happen. He will grab her arm and drag her (gently of course, what kind of teacher would I be if I let my fellows drag the girls caveman style around the mulch) around the playground while she giggles and faintly yells to her friends to come and rescue her, but I know the truth. She doesn’t really want to be rescued. Sad but true, sometimes even though the chase is a thrill, when finally the boy you hoped would catch you does, not the stinky posse of boys who have lisps or don’t wear deodorant or never hold the door or pay for dinner, but the one you assume to be prince charming, you can’t help but just stop running, and hope the captivity doesn’t turn out so bad. 
This happens in other areas of life as well. For instance…You think you are starving…you think all day about food because you forgot your lunch and you just know at home there is something delicious waiting for you. Your coworker offers you broccoli, but you decide maybe you weren’t hungry at all. It’s not about the hunger, it’s about the thought of chasing the thing you want the most….maybe chocolate chip cookies in my case. (Ok maybe this was a lame attempt at making this post not about relationships…here is another example.) Recently I had a friend who was chasing after a job. One was finally offered to her…the chase could have been over, but it wasn’t the job she wanted so she turned it down. A few days later the perfect job for her came along. The chase was over because the right thing finally captivated her. Funny how that happens. 

Well, until next time…enjoy chasing whatever it is you are chasing, or running from whatever you are running from.


2 thoughts on “I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that I melted.

  1. laci, i love this. have you ever seen that poster that says “everything i need to know, i learned in kindergarten”? i think of it a lot when my mom tells stories of her kindergarteners…or their parents. you know, things about sharing or learning to read or helping others. and in a much greater sense, this could be added to that list. i’m also glad to look at my recent experiences from his new light.

    i miss you. come to nashville 🙂

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