I never liked facial hair except on my dad.

Student: Miss Liggett, Why is it bad to drink beard?

inside my head: Wait…did he just say beard? Should I correct him….no, this is to great.

Me: Well, it’s illegal to drink it unless you are 21.

Student: My dad drinks beard.

Me: That’s because your dad is over 21.

Student: I heard beard makes you stupid.

Me: Yeah, some people that drink to much beard do act pretty stupid.

inside my head: Wait, did I just say beard? Why am I playing along with this? This is hilarious, and he has no idea.

Student: If you only drink one beard does it make you stupid?

Me: Well, I guess if you are over 21 and you know you aren’t going to drink more than one beard, and you aren’t going to drive a car, then that isn’t stupid. 

Another Student (whom happens to be the smartest in my class): So let’s say there is a football game on and you want to drink 2 or 3 beards, is that ok? 

inside my head: Did another student really just say beard? It’s contagious and I love it! 

Me: I guess if you are over 21 and you can drink 2 beards without feeling stupid and you aren’t driving, then it might be ok. 

Student one (working on his drug free poster): How do you spell beard?

Me: Just sound it out.


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