let me see your tootsie roll

I have had teacher work days for the last 2 days. I never thought I would say this, but I miss my students. It turns out I actually like them. Even though on Friday one of my boys head-butted a little girl. There is still a soft spot in my heart for those little people. (Ask me tomorrow at this time if I have changed my mind.)

Life has been good around here the last week or so. It’s officially fall in the Carolinas and it is sooooo gorgeous! The street I live on is a canopy of beautifully colored leaves, and I wish I could just drive up and down it over and over. (Maybe I would if gas was cheaper.) Oh yeah, gas is 2.49 here but Mom said it 1.97 in Indiana so PRAISE THE LORD for that! 

(I want to take this moment to give a Carson Daly style shout-out to my friend Julia who celebrated her 25th birthday yesterday!!!)

This weekend I got to go to high point to hang out with my super cool boyfriend. We carved a buck-tooth pumpkin, went to a little-league soccer game, saw the world’s largest chest of drawers,played video games, solved 1/16 of a crossword puzzle, made waffles, played ping-pong, ate barbecue, played family taboo, and went to a karaoke bar. It really couldn’t have been better.

I voted today. I felt…accomplished  and honestly it does feel pretty good to live in a nation where we have the right to choose our leaders. I proudly wore my “I voted” sticker all day and plan on staying awake to see the results until my eyes won’t stay open any longer.

Last night I had dinner with some people that work for hyaets here in Charlotte. It’s a very shane claiborne-esque community of believers who live intentionally in a rough area of the city and build relationships with the people that live there. They love the poor and marginalized for a living……seems radical right? Seems perfect. I am excited to see how Ephesus will get involved with them. 

Going to the mountains this weekend….excited about getting to relax for a while. I will leave you with a shoutout to and a picture of my friend Anne’s little boy Jackson and his super cute Halloween costume.



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