“Go with God Crispy.”

I have been thinking a lot about the holy spirit lately. I think I knew some basic things about the topic before but I am currently reading “The Shack” and it has caused me to think about it a little more seriously. Now let me preface by saying that I don’t think “the Shack” is necessarily a valid source for sound biblical understanding (in fact there are people out there that hate it and think it holds no truth in its binding at all), and I don’t even think that the plot is that great, but it does have some good discussion starters and insights to think about. As with all things, what you think about the book is up to you and the Lord and it clearly isn’t the bible and shouldn’t be treated that way…that’s another sermon for another Sunday. 
Look up the holy spirit in any concordance/random bible search online and you will find a ton of verses on the topic, and the characteristics of this “spiritual being.” Apparently this spirit lives inside of us. And Paul says in Ephesians that it provides us with the same power that raised Christ from the dead….THE SAME POWER that raised Christ from the dead. That’s a hard truth to grasp isn’t it? If you are a Christian and believe what the bible says than you have this incredible power inside of you just waiting for you to let it take control…even just a little bit.

I think so often I (we) are so tempted to grasp control of our lives with all of our might, we pray that Jesus will take each of our days and help them to be glorifying to him in every way, but how often during the day do we step  aside and let the spirit work. How often do we talk instead of letting the spirit speak for us? How often do we limit our plans and goals and relationships because of what we know about ourselves and not have limitless expectations for our lives, jobs, and relationships by asking the spirit to lead you through these things.  It is so hard to even think about letting someone or something else take control of our thoughts and actions but can you even begin to imagine how incredible our lives could be if we just let the spirit take control. Can we even fathom the miraculous and extravagant experiences we could have if we could just let go of our white knuckled grip on life and let the holy spirit guide us by faith. What are your thoughts on this topic? What have you seen the spirit take care of for you? What do you have a hard time letting go of? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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