This one is for Lana Smith

Ok so there is this blog I like to read a lot called Stuff Christians like. (Check it out…it’s over there on the right.)

Today’s post was about a church that the author (Jon) wants to start someday and some of the things he would incorporate. So I am reading and I come to the last point he makes and I immediately think of my great friend Lana because once  taught me how to make it rain….but besides that, this is simple hilarity at its best, so read and enjoy.

Make it Rain Offering Baskets
I grew up with woven offering baskets. They had holes in them so that if you put coins in they would fall to the floor loudly and we could all judge whoever was shortchanging sweet baby Jesus. I’m kidding, we didn’t do that. We just thought, if a basket was good enough for sweet baby Moses, it’s good enough for our offering. I’m kidding again, we didn’t say that. (Weird that both of those tangents involved sweet babies. Odd.) I see a lot of different approaches to offering these days. The box at the back, the plastic bowl, the offering plate. Those aren’t for me because I’m bringing baskets back. Only I’m going to combine them with the ever fun activity of “making it rain.” (I believe the technical definition of “make it rain” is “to lavishly throw money about when you are up in the club like it’s your birthday.”) You’ll still be able to give the normal way when we pass the small offering basket, but if you’re feeling a little hip hop, there will be a huge basket in the corner of the room where you can make it rain and throw your cash in like Diddy.


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