I am so blessed it hurts. I mean there are times when my heart actually aches with how grateful I am to God with all I have been given. This has nothing to do with the fact that I have a good job with enough money to get by, a decent car, a place to live and a college education. Besides all of that (which puts me in about the top 1 percent of the world’s population,) tonight I am overcome with how blessed I am with the people in my life. At any waking moment I could pick up my cell phone and call any number of a list of people and find someone to have a great conversation with whether I talked to them an hour ago or it has been years since we have spoken. Back home in Indiana there are people there actually excited about the idea of my return home even if it’s only for a day so that we can catch up. My taylor friends are scattered all over the country and I know that If I ran into any given one of them today we could sit and talk for hours like we never skipped a beat. I have only lived in Charlotte for a little over a year and I already have friends whom I would be thankful to have as roommates in the nursing home someday. They have welcomed and loved me so graciously. I think daily about the friends I have made from Summer’s Best Two Weeks and the bonds that we share from our experiences there. 

I grew up without brothers and sisters. Sometimes people ask me what that was like and give me this really sad face like I have missed out on something wonderful. I don’t feel for a second like I have missed a second of true authentic friendships because of not having a sibling. As I sit here and think about all of the people whom I can truly call my “friends.” I am truly overwhelmed by how loved I am, and how much I truly love all of them. I am so unworthy of most of these friendships, but God, by his grace, continues to bring people into my life and I am so thankful. So thanks, to all of you who might consider yourself my friend. I know I don’t say it enough if ever, but I am so thankful for every moment you have spent with me, every prayer you have said for me, every word you have spoken to me, and even every thought you have had of me. I wish I could name every one of you on here  to let the world know how great you are but then I run the risk of forgetting someone (how horrible). 

So hopefully this has brought to mind some friends of yours tonight. Thank them. Thank God for them.


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