It’s the celebration of anticipation.

Advent is finally here. I love this season. It’s one of my favorite times of the entire year. I even bought my advent calendar today. You pick your tree, eat too many goodies, hang out with friends, wear scarves all the time, and get and send tons of mail. And for what? All of this in the anticipation of one single day of the year. The day when your family gathers to share love with one another and celebrate the coming of that precious baby in the manger. 

For thousands of years God’s people waited patiently (and not so patiently) for their Messiah to come. They lived their lives in the anticipation that we now acknowledge in four short weeks. Well, some people make it longer my friend Megan who has been listening to Christmas music in her car since Halloween. 

I don’t do Christmas before Thanksgiving. Don’t worry, I’m not secretly judging you if your stockings were hung on November 10th. I just think there is something very special about the advent season, about the anticipation of this great holiday. Some people don’t do Christmas before Christmas day. They don’t drink wassle, put up their tree, or taste the peppermint bark until Christmas Eve. Good for them, but I don’t have that kind of self control. Lauren Winner (great Author) says this…”We Christians can rest easy in the promises of Scripture. But we are meant to feel a touch of that anxious, handkerchief-wringing expectation all the same.”

We don’t have to be worried, Our Messiah has already come, and in that we can rest easy and “not be anxious about anything.” But also as Christians we are all awaiting the second coming of Christ, and in that we celebrate our own advent everyday throughout the year. 

So this advent season remember the way God’s people once anticipated the coming of the Messiah, and whatever it is you are anticipating from finishing school, getting through a whole work week, getting married, or having a baby like some of my friends are blessed enough to be anticipating, remember that we know longer have to be anxious because Christ has already come for us, and we are now anticipating the time when he will come back once again. 

Happy Advent. 

Go buy your advent calendar….they are only 99 cents at your local grocery store.


One thought on “It’s the celebration of anticipation.

  1. Happy Advent to you too, dear friend. Thanks for the reminder about it, I may have forgotten about this season as I’m getting all high-strung about finals and such. I remember teaching advent last winter and just finding it fascinating. Hmm. I have much to think about.
    I love you
    Peace on earth.

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