so much in so little time.

It’s officially day 7 of Christmas Break and I cannot believe how much I have done. I am exhausted and honestly haven’t really had time to even reflect on how I really feel about how break is going…but there’s always time to blog right? Ok so it all started last Saturday (the 20th) ok wait….rewind a little bit to Friday night (the 19th) Megan, Amanda and I went to the Colbie Callait and Jon Mclaughlin concert in Charlotte and it was really really great, and really really warm in Charlotte that night. Ok so back to Saturday.  (Day One ) Amanda and I got up really early and were out of the house by 7:30. The outside temp in the car said 60 degrees and as we drove the nine hours to Indiana we watched it plunge to 30.. sad. My dad met us in Richmond and picked me up so Amanda could head the rest of the way to Indianapolis. Before heading to Portland Dad and I made a pit stop at the Amish grocery story (love it.) Saturday night Brandon graciously drove down from Chicago to hang out with me and my amazing hometown friends. Saturday night consisted of The Rockwells, Stultz’ and Mckees, all hanging out eating great food and playing really fun games all while keeping Jack up way past his bedtime (incredible cute pictures and video to come.) 

(Day Two) Sunday morning Brandon and I got up early to meet the Homans at Richards for breakfast. It was really great catching up with them. By 9:30 we were on the freezing cold road headed north toward Huntington. We stopped there for about an hour to see the Canada’s super cute new apartment, and I was slowly realizing a couple of things…A. It is ridiculously cold in Northern Indiana and B. Everyone I have hung out with is married, and I am so blessed to have friends with such beautiful and healthy relationships. So after hanging out in Huntington we drove another hour North to dive into Family Christmas with my Mom’s side of the fam. Brandon was such a trooper, and I was glad that the family got to meet him and vice versa. We stayed there for a couple of hours then met the Caseys at Starbucks. The poor things didn’t have electricity at their house so we didn’t get to see it, but it was absolutely wonderful getting to hang out with them. After our time with them we knew it was time to hit the road because we had a 6 hour drive ahead of us to the Koons’ in Bexley Ohio. After sprinting the 20 yards to the car I am pretty sure that my bones were frozen and my teeth might crack from chattering so hard. (A local bank sign made us aware of the -9 degree weather..and that’s without the windchill…yikes.) So we started our snow-covered trek. We played a lot of car games, saw a super sweet house covered with lights (once again video to come), and only missed one turn before we made it to Bexley. We hadn’t seen Matt and Mary since their wedding in August and I was ELATED. Plus, Mary’s mom and dad have a beautiful new kitchen that we got to see. We stayed up and chatted for a bit, but Brandon and I were exhausted, so off to bed everyone went. 

(Day Three) Monday morning Matt, Mary, Brandon and I went to a local coffee shop to hang out and avoid the construction going on at the Koon’s. Brandon and I introduced them to my current favorite board game (ticket to ride) and we played a solid couple of rounds…I actually think I might have brought home my first victory. We then went to the mall where I successfully purchased nothing. The rest of that day was spent just hanging out with the Reads and playing more games, we even got Mr. Koon in on a game of ticket to ride. Too soon Brandon and I had to say farewell and head back towards Indiana so he could drop me off and head back to snowy Chicago. 

(Day Four) Sloooow Day. (thank goodness) I slept in and then headed over to Erin’s to watch a movie and just chill. We ventured out once to run an errand and it was sleeting outside and the roads were starting to get bad. We watched a couple of cars slide around and one go in the ditch (oh Indiana winters…) So we headed back to the house and decided it was safer that way. So that evening my Dad picked me up (I’m carless) We were on our way home when mom called and said we didn’t have electricity at our house due to the ice, so that led to us hanging out at my grandparents house all night and ordering a pizza. (I actually love my grandparents house and my grandparents were in Florida so the place was all ours.) 

(Day Five) Christmas Eve, I met up with Kinsey for Breakfast and caught up (fantastic) She’s going to work on a cruise ship…isn’t that cool??!!??!! That girl is always on a new adventure. I spent the rest of that day packing to leave for Florida early the next morning. 

(Day Six) Merry Christmas! So…we drove to the Ft. Wayne airport at 3 AM. I am pretty sure that we were the only car on the road the entire way there, but we made our flight no problem, until we got to Atlanta.. where my parents and I sprinted through the airport to make our connection (one of my newest favorite family memories.) We arrived in Tampa around 10, my dad’s bag didn’t make it but they said it would be there in half an hour so we ate Christmas lunch at TGI Fridays at the airport. From being up  so early we were completely worn out and napped for the rest of the day.

The next couple of days are going to be spent hanging out with the grandparents, playing cards, and trying to catch some rays…I hope that those of you reading this are having a great holiday as well. I will be heading to Chicago on Tuesday 
(the 30th)  so hopefully my adventures will continue….


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