inward swinging stall doors

As I had hoped, the rest of break was really great. Chicago was of course freezing but I dealt with it. New Years ended up being a great time of hanging out with friends from Taylor and of course Brandon. We cooked a turducken. It was super yummy. I had never had one before and even though we had some juice spillage…causing a low fog in the apartment, it turned out really well. I managed to spread “ticket to ride” fever to a few more friends. Brandon, Heidi and I went thrifting one night and I got a really pretty vintage ring that I am really proud of. 6 of us went to see the Blue Man Group. It was so interesting yet so great, you should probably go see them if you get a chance. I was miserable on Sunday because of having to say goodbye to everyone, and my exhaustion from traveling finally catching up to me. But, after a few tears I was back in Charlotte really late and thankful to a roommate who gladly picked me up from the airport. 

Getting back to school the last few days has admittedly  been hard. I still haven’t caught up on my sleep and my things are still in my suitcases. Hopefully that won’t last long. Thankfully my students are tired too so we are getting back into the groove together. Pray for me and my motivation and my sleeplessness. 

Ok so now onto the interesting stuff…..I am learning to hate airports. Not airport personnel persay…..just the building in general, here are some reasons why. 

1. restroom doors that swing inward. Here I am with my carryon and my giant airplane purse, and it’s bad enough that I have to drag it into the bathroom with me, but then I have to get it in the stall, manage to get the door shut, and then get it back open again as a drag my stuff out…is an outward swinging door so hard to conger up?

2. that one section of every aiport that is about 1/4 mile long and feels like you are traveling through time. There you are minding your own business on the moving sidewalk and you realize that it’s eerily dark in this section, and then you look up and see that the ceiling is covered with interlocking, and twisting neon lights, or if you are lucky enough to be in Detroit, the walls are plasma-esque and you go from feeling like you are underwater to walking on the surface of the sun. 

3. undressing at security. We can put a man on the moon, but I have to take off my entire outfit to walk through a metal box that blows a puff of air in my face. Not only do you have to remove your jacket, shoes, and belt, plus put your computer in it’s own bin, but you have to do it all in a split second or the man behind you is even angrier than he started and the security guy is giving you the “come on” look. Then, you are standing there vulnerable on the other side half nude with another hour before your flight actually boards. 

Ok so there are three reasons. Can you think of more? Please share. 


One thought on “inward swinging stall doors

  1. haha I totally agree about inward swinging doors. Why do they make it so difficult? I get panicked every time they come across the PA system telling you not to leave your luggage unattended.

    Maybe you should move back to the midwest and enjoy some snow days 🙂 However, on second thought, stay where you are…if the snow doesn’t end soon, I’m coming to live with you.

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