I had a dream.

I had a dream last night that I slept in so I woke up with a start to the realization that I was actually early. So I fell back asleep and then actually slept in a little. 

I think I am getting some sort of sickness. Or maybe my voice just wanted to disappear today because gradually it just got more hoarse until at about 2:55 (in the middle of a quiz where I was orally asking the questions and the students were writing the answers) It was completely gone, to the point where I couldn’t even whisper, so I turned around and wrote these words on the board. 

The Quiz is over.
Quietly turn in your paper and move your chair to where you can see the TV.
If you are quiet for the rest of the day I will give you candy.

Yep. Best teacher ever. We watched a movie for the next 20 minutes.

I have been taking my clothes for the gym with me to work because I find that when I go home to change there is less of a chance of actually making it to the gym, and more chance of taking a nap. So today I changed into my gym clothes and realized that I forgot socks. At the beginning of the school year my students bring in socks to use as dry erase board cleaners. (you guess the rest.)

Happy Almost Martin Luther King Day Weekend.  


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