Anne and Adam Rockwell.


What They Love: Each Other, Their sweet baby, Jackson, The Office, Jesus, and the Colts



What they are all about: Adam is back in school and if I may say so (a very talented writer.) Anne is a super great new mom and works from home as a medical language specialist 🙂  They are “fairly” newlyweds and have an “almost” one year old son. They are members of a great church back in Portland. 



Why I think they deserve this shout-out: I have known Anne and Adam for well, a long time. I met them both my freshman year of high school, before I knew Jesus. The greatest thing is that I have got to watch their relationship grow from young love, to a beautiful marriage and now they are becoming wonderful parents. They are truly a great example of what love and marriage should look like (not the al bundy type.) They are a true joy to be around and go continuously out of their way to show love to the people around them. (Including me.) Anne is always on board for playing my silly games, and both of them laugh at my jokes, and getting a loving eye-roll from Adam is one of my favorite things. 




Ladies and Gentleman: The Rockwells.


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