dance it out.

There is nothing that makes me feel the way I do when I dance.

I’m not talking about show choir, or working out.

I’m not talking about tap or ballet.

or the arm dancing we used to do at Taylor.

And I’m not saying that it is the most incredible feeling in the world (those feelings are reserved for Jesus and my future husband.) 

The way you feel when you start dancing around in your living room, or anywhere for that matter, and you forget about all other things. Nothing else matters. There is nothing on your mind except the dance. The words of the song have long since turned to mush, and you could care less if there is anyone else even in the room. There is an incredible freedom that comes with it. When life is rough…I turn to Jesus, and when I finally feel like I might have it all together…I celebrate with a dance. 

I look like a moron.

But I feel awesome.

try it. I dare you.

wave your hands in the aaaaaiiiirrrr.


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