many hats

My former roommate (who will go unnamed but her name rhymes with Berry) loves a certain song by Amy Grant that talks something about hats, and how she wears a lot of them. All I know is that before I was a christian the only thing I knew about Amy Grant was that I loved the song Baby Baby and that I loved the hat she wore in the video so I made my mom buy me one and I wore it every time I dressed up. I was thinking today about my hats….

I’m a daughter, teacher, cousin, friend, coworker, small group member, girlfriend, worship band member, follower of Christ, bridesmaid and I am sure that there are other things that I am forgetting, but today I added a new hat…..cardio dance instructor.

I started a cardio dance class at my school. Seriously…I know. It is truly great. I have only had one class but I loved every second of it, and I think that the people that showed up (about 15-20) had a really good time too! I was a little worried about having “older” women dance to the same songs as people my age, but it worked out really well! I am a little worried that videos of us doing it might someday turn out on youtube, but you know what…..everyone did really well! I was amazed at how well everyone shook it. 

At the end of the class I was glad I could do something for my school. I love where I work, and I love my coworkers, and maybe I’m not the teacher of the year (yet…ha) but it felt good to give back a little, and teachers need to laugh a little bit and shake their shoulders around after a hard days work. 

So there is a new little insight into my life. Something new to add to the list of what makes me who I am. Thank you Jesus for a body that moves, and for the ability to lead others in shakin it too.


2 thoughts on “many hats

  1. 1. i know what we are doing at the next get-together!

    2. wouldn’t that be an awesome thing to offer the students at the school?! seriously… it could be like an after-school program that not only gives them a positive environment for their after school lives, but also promotes exercise and healthy living!

    3. you’re awesome.

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