just when you think times are boring….

I realize that it is March and I need to do a shoutout to a great friend…don’t worry, I’ve got it all planned and it will be here soon, but this weekend was to eventful not to post about. I am going to do my best not to leave anything out so bear with me. 

Christine and I had the road trip bug for a while so we planned this weekend trip to Washington DC so she could meet up with a friend from Taylor and I could hang out with Heidi and see her new place. So we headed out of Charlotte (at about 60 degrees) on Friday as soon as school got out. We drove a solid 6 and a half hours and finally made it to the deec. Christine headed off with her friend Jess, and I was so pumped to see Heidi and the wonderful Amanda Eckman who was also in town for the weekend. Saturday was filled with running around Eastern Market, spending money on great jewelry, seeing the new and improved American History Museum, and Thai food in Old Towne for dinner. (Truly a great day.) Earlier that afternoon I got a call from Christine saying that they were calling for a winter storm in Charlotte for Sunday. (WHAT!) I have come to know that a “winter storm” doesn’t mean all that much around here, but we still decided that it would be best to make sure we leave with enough time to get home at a decent hour and miss some of the mess if there was any. 

Sunday, Heidi took me to this great chipper (just like in Ireland) for fish and chips. I got a rock shandy to go since I gave up sweets for Lent, I will enjoy it as an Easter treat. Christine met me there about 1:30 so we could get out of dodge before the snow came. We started heading home and the calls started coming from home about how we should be careful because it was supposed to be bad (I love my thoughtful friends.) We got about three hours into the trip and I was starving so we stopped at Wendy’s and I grabbed a chili (yum….) I asked Christine to drive my car while I ate, so she hopped in the driver seat. It was raining a little and below freezing and I started teasing her about how almost no one else has driven my car before and that there might be consequences if she hurt her (the car I mean.) It was still raining when we hit the highway and just as I opened up my chili the cars in front of us started breaking and so did we, but then we started hydroplaning, that is when things started to happen in slow motion. I reached over and put one hand on Christine as we slid toward the cars in front of us. We then slid to the right, slid to the left, and then did a 180 and were facing one of the cars as we went backwards on the highway before spinning the rest of the way around and headed towards the ditch. Christine was saying nothing and I was just repeating over and over, “we’re fine, we’re fine, everything’s fine.” I really didn’t know if we were actually going to be fine, I think I might have been trying to make a self-fulfilling prophesy or something. By the grace of God alone we came to a stop  deep in the ditch with both of us safe (not a drop of chili spilled) and not a scratch on the car. Soon after I realized another car slid in behind us, once again God kept them from hitting us, and another car had gone into the ditch on the other side of the highway. Whoa. Before I knew it we were standing in the rain, thankful that no one was hurt, the highway was closed and there were five wreckers there to pull everyone out. Christine and I waited in the state troopers truck to keep warm while I fought the urge to use the siren and Christine took note that he was listening to Prince, When Doves Cry. An hour later, we were thankful to be safe and I was back in the driver seat and back on the road.  

We drove for an hour with clear roads because they had shut down the highway before us and the rain had stopped, when it started to sleet. We were driving at max 40 mph because of being shaken up and then the snow started. I am an Indiana girl and can handle a good snow storm, but I couldn’t see a darn thing and I had already been in the ditch once that night so we made the quick decision to call my friend Lana to see if we could crash at her place in Greensboro for the night, and she thankfully took us in. We were so thankful to her because later we found out that people had been spending the night in their cars between Greensboro and Charlotte waiting for a tow, and the power went out at my house so if we would have gotten there I would have been out of luck anyway. 

So.. this morning Christine and I hopped out of bed and into the car to finally get back to Charlotte (We had a snow day at school, and the makeup day is Memorial Day…) and with a final pit stop at IHOP, here I am, safe and sound at home…still no power, but atleast I am out of the car.


One thought on “just when you think times are boring….

  1. somewhat unsettling. ok, a LOT unsettling. SO glad you guys are okay! and totally impressed you didn’t spill the chili.

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