Julia Waterman


What she loves: Chicago Cubs, Jesus, her pillowtop mattress, skiing, trivia, Chicago Bears, line dancing, road trips, tandem bikes, her family, Wheaton Illinois.

s12402856_45191441_61031 What she’s all about: Julia teaches four year olds at a preschool in Charlotte. She’s from Wheaton, Illinois, went to Taylor University, and works part time at PF Changs. She goes to Mosaic church, and serves on their production team.

 Why I think she deserves this shoutout: Julia quickly became one of my closest friends when I moved to Charlotte, and I loved her right away. Julia is one of the most self-less people you will ever meet. She takes time away from herself all the time in order to better serve and love the people in her life. She is loyal to the end (as shown by her unbending love of the Chicago Cubs,) and she can be counted on in any situation. She is compassionate, and prayful in hard times, and is always up for a good time or a great road trip. She shows up to Mosaic every other work at 6 AM!!! to help them with production no matter how tired she feels. Julia’s love for her own family is amazing, and I am sure that there are hundreds and friends and family members out there that don’t tell Julia enough how much they love and appreciate her.

Ladies and Gentleman….Julia Waterman.


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