thoughts on faith

I hate the economy. If it was a person I would punt it into the grand canyon. 

I realized today that it might be possible that I could lose my job for next school year. CMS is making huge budget cuts and for a while we thought “surely” they wouldn’t touch classroom teachers. There are barely enough of us as there are and our children need all of us. Plus we are opening up 6 new schools but we are on a hiring freeze. The school board meeting is tonight to decide what gets cut or whom. For a split second I get angry because I think about the higher-ups who could easily take a slight pay cut, the ridiculous amount of money they just spent on redesigning our website, and all the money they funnel into our own educational tv station that NO ONE watches, unless of course your job is on the line and you need to watch the school board meeting. 

The anger quickly makes way to sadness. What if I lose my job? What about the staff of people I have grown to love? What about watching my first group of students go to the fifth grade? What about the fact that I finally have started to feel like a really good teacher? I suppose the answer to these questions is faith. If I lose my job it won’t be a surprise to God. It still sucks for me, but maybe I will learn something about myself. Maybe if I don’t lose it, this whole situation will help me more realize how precious this job is. 

So until the decision is made. Pray for me, better yet, pray for people whom have already felt the pain of losing their jobs. Pray that they find wisdom and understanding about why all this is happening, and when you get the chance to lend a helping hand to someone who finds themselves unemployed or just doing something “temporarily” reach out to them. I hated the economy before, but now that it’s knocking on my own door, I hate it even more.


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