I needed a laugh earlier…do you? Well here is a short activity that will do it for you…go to google and type in your name and the word ‘needs’ in quotation marks and see what it comes up with…for example, I put in “laci needs” and came up with some of the following…

Laci needs a supportive family.
Laci needs a nice warm coat.
Laci needs to cram it.
Laci needs medical attention.
Laci needs a husband.
Laci needs to get knocked up soon.

I am glad those last two came in that order.


3 thoughts on “amused

  1. I did it….

    – Anne needs to win sexiest vegetarian.
    – The elephant Anne needs to retire.
    – Anne needs no man.
    – Anne needs help and her parents decided medication is the best alternative.

    Oh boy.

  2. Hey… I see my wife already responded.

    I did it too. Evidently, there’s some guy named Adam Needs in (… I skipped over his stuff.

    -Adam needs to shower
    -Adam needs an immediate $25 million
    -Adam needs Proactive
    -Adam needs a puppy
    -Adam needs help

    The Proactive one is about Adam, the American Idol contestant.

    Thanks for the game, and let us know when you hear something about your job.

  3. Barb needs to be eliminated
    Barb needs some positive vibes
    Barb needs advice on in-home care
    Barb needs a…RPG Forums?
    Barb needs healing vibes
    Barb needs to lose (a lot of) weight!

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