uncertainty with dignity

Much remains uncertain still about how much funding we will get. Therefore, we don’t know how many of the tiers we will have to use in making the reductions. I will continue to share information with you as it becomes available because I don’t want this period of anxiety and uncertainty to last any longer than necessary. When there is a delay – as there was this week as we made the reductions – it’s because we want to have our employees learn they’re losing their jobs from us, not from the media. Although we can’t continue their employment, we can complete the separation process with dignity and consideration – and that is my goal.

That was a segment from an email I got from my superintendent today. Just for those of you who asked for an update, my job looks safe for now. Which, in a way, makes me thankful, but many jobs are not. A good friend of mine and our school psychologist, found out this week that they will not be using her position in the school system next year. Really? If you don’t work in the school system, especially in an urban school like mine, let me explain something to you. The school psychologist does EVERYTHING. She keeps me sane. (oh yeah, and my students too.) She motivates kids, she counsels them when their home lives suck, she fills out massive amounts of paperwork, she tests for disabilities, she makes home visits, she tutors, she teaches my kids about bullying, she creates behavior plans and academic plans for kids who are “special cases.” She does everything that every teacher wishes he or she had time to do, but now that she won’t have a job….we are going to have to find the time to do it. Creating one more thing on a massive list of things that teachers are already doing. 

It’s sad when there comes a time when the economy is bad enough that our school systems suffer. We want to be a world power, we want to create change, but we are unable to create and mold people into change-makers if we are overworked and understaffed. Pray for our country if you aren’t already, and pray for countries who are feeling the same pinch. Schools are important, from third world countries to right in your own backyard.


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