Barb Casey

Well folks, It’s April. Meaning it’s time for this month’s shoutout.

                                                                                                                Barb Casey


What she loves: Her husband, Michael. Jesus. Cheerleading. Massage Stones. Tiny Teapots. Smiling. Tulips. Her Subaru.


What she’s all about: Barb is a lover. No but really. You can’t stand next to Barb without her touching you. She loves to give massages. Barb was a business major but she is currently working in the town where I was born as a secretary and cheerleading coach. She has been married for one year to the love of her life.





Why I think she deserves this shoutout: Barb is as sweet as Cherry pie, and if you have ever had cherry pie you know what I am talking about. Some friends of ours used to claim that Barb was constantly entertained by the thoughts of flowers and butterflies. But as soon as you think Barb is nothing but sweetness, she would do something like paint her toenails black for a year for 100 bucks, or eat a huge dinner at a restaurant because the waiter bet her 20 bucks she couldn’t do it. Most of all she deserves it because she’s a truly great friend. Although she lives far away, she is the best phone-tag player I’ve ever met, and she never gives up. 🙂 Every minute I get to spend with Barb is a minute that I become a better person.

Ladies and Gentleman.. Barb Casey


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