snow? really?

Hi. I’m on spring break, and it’s going soooooo well.

Here’s what’s been up so far.  I had a 6:01am flight from Charlotte on Saturday morning, and my dear friend Scott was kind enough to pick me up before the crack of dawn. I paid him with friench toast that I must say was very yummy. Then, as I was standing in line to board my plane I see my friend Amanda Smiley getting on the same flight with me! It was so bizarre/fantastic to see a familiar face and we even got to sit next to each other. We had a layover in Detroit where we got some MUCH needed Starbucks and did some quality people watching. On the flight to Indianapolis I read about 100 pages of Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Almost every Christian girl I know has read it so I was feeling behind the game, but now I am sucked in.

When I landed in Indy Natalie and Josh Case were there to pick me up, and so was Brandon whom had driven down early to surprise me. (yay!) We stopped for brunch at Le Peeps and then explored Eagle Creek since it was such a beautiful day. Rachel Rigsbee even joined us for a little while. Late afternoon meant naptime and then a late dinner of fantastic Mexican food. We even talked them into watching Slumdog Millionaire with us. 🙂

Sunday morning Brandon and I went to Church with the Cases and then met my parents for lunch. It was great to see them. They crack me up. It started to thunderstorm while we were sitting there (that would be the theme for the rest of the night.) From lunch, we drove to Portland and chatted with my friends Erin and Adam. They have all this beautiful new furniture in their house. We watched the end of Goonies cause it was on tv. I’ve never actually seen the movie before (I know, I know.) After that we drove to Muncie and had dinner at Johnny Carinos with The Rockwells, Stultzes, Hatches and Fullers. The food was delicious and it was FANTASTIC hanging out with everyone, especially baby Jack who just turned one this week. After dinner we hung out at the Hatch’s for a while and played a game, but before long we had to say goodbye so Brandon and i could make the treck up to Chicago.

Despite the nasty nasty rain and snow, Brandon got us home. I was so thankful that he was driving and I was not.


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