post up on the top spot

Whoa life! Slow down! 

So I finally got moved into my new place. It happened super fast with the help of some amazing amazing amazing friends. I am currently sitting on my new shag rug, and I just tried out the new whirlpool tub which just so happens makes a ridiculous amount of bubbles. I love our new house and the best part is the front porch. It’s perrrrrfect. Please come and hang out on it with me. You will not regret it, i promise.

In other news. I found out today that I won’t be teaching third grade next year. First grade here I come! I think I am in some sort of temporary shock because I am handling it pretty well. Brandon (who was here for the weekend) was even impressed with how well I took the news. I think mostly I am grateful to have any job. So even if it means starting over from scratch, dealing with potty accidents, and talking to 6 year olds all day, I am going to do it the best I know how, and I think I might just end up loving it. Who knows! God works in incredible ways, and if you wait on him, you will soar like an eagle right? That’s what the word says at least. I’m not sure I’ve quite figured out what it means to wait on the Lord and not actually wait on an event or a person, but I am working on it. I will let you know how that goes. I do know this. He has a plan, and even if teaching first grade and watching my really great boyfriend move to Africa are part of that plan, then I am excited for this part of the adventure. 

Well, I have to go rinse the bubbles out of the whirlpool.


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