The May Shoutout



What she loves: 
Children,  sweet tea (no lemon), phone calls from friends, clean laundry, clean sheets, running, her niece, the sound of rain at night, traveling, her friends, preschoolers, fun pens, listening to music, her home group, photography 

What she’s all about: Amanda, along with being a rockin roommate, teaches preschool here in Charlotte. (She was recently the employee of the month.) She is also in charge of connections at our church.   Amanda is an appreciater. I don’t think that’s a word, but if it was…she would be one. She appreciates things. All things, small and large, and finds value in everything God has created. She could look at a crack in the wall and appreciate how rustic it makes the room look. It’s inspiring really. Amanda is also a chatter. At anytime during an evening you can find Amanda chatting with someone, whether it be via facebook, blogs, texting, or on the phone…Amanda is always connecting with people. 







Why I think she deserves this shoutout: 

May 26th is Amanda’s Golden Birthday. I probably don’t need a better reason than that, but I will give a few anyway. Amanda is great. She showed up in my life via a phone call while I was at camp in PA. She knew I needed a roommate and took a chance on me, a stranger. I knew I was gonna love her from the moment I heard her accent on the phone. Amanda makes me laugh, keeps me sane, and doesn’t punch me in the face when I leave dirty dishes in the sink. In other words, she’s the

Happy Birthday Amanda.



3 thoughts on “The May Shoutout

  1. ok i definitely got teary when I read this blog, which you should know, for me… that’s huge. Maybe my 26th year will be full of emotion. Ha. let’s hope not!
    and how did you get all of these pictures?
    Thanks Laci!
    I am really glad you’re in my life!

  2. Amanda…YOU are awesome! but I have always known that! Hearing your own songs to Jesus as a little girl filled our home with joy! I miss your smiles…I miss your hugs. Look forward to seeing you this weekend!!!!!!!!

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