mud on the tires

Friday night I went to the Brad Paisley concert with a bunch of fabulous girls. It was awesome. it rained a lot. We stood in this perfect spot in the lawn that I scoped out for us. It was front and center, and I realized quickly that no one was standing there because of the ridiculous amounts of mud. We just threw our shoes off and embraced it. A good country concert is probably the best way to kick of a summer. I am so ready.

School is ending in 2 days. I am so ready for that as well. I am just ready to rest. Even though that probably won’t happen for a while either, Oh well. Tonight I went to this retirement party for a teacher that has been teaching at my school for 30 years. She’s unbelievable. She has this very quiet disposition about her. I have never heard her raise her voice above a whisper and she is always laughing at me. After we sang her a song, and many people spoke of how wonderful she was, she stood quietly, and humbly said, “I love kids and I have done my best.” 

So simple. So true. At the end of the day can we say that we’ve done our best? The apostle Paul says that you should work and serve wholeheartedly as if for the Lord and not for men. I was better at that this year. Will I be even better next year? I hope so. I hope I can be a teacher like Martha Tillman. A quiet warrior, who loved kids and did her best. 

Tomorrow is the last terrible Tuesday of the school year. The end of year party is also tomorrow so if you can remember to pray for me at around 2:30 Eastern Time that would be great. 🙂 The plan is to sugar them up and send them home. 🙂


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