how do you annoy lady gaga? poker face.

I made it back to Charlotte! unbelievable right? It’s true. I’m here. In the flesh. 

So we got all of Brandon’s things into the moving truck. The day before all of that was said and done. I had gone out to his car at the crack of dawn to get apple juice and realized someone had broken into his car and stole his radio. Don’t worry, 30 dollars in cash was left and so were some photos of Will Casey. I’m not sure how we would have broken the news to him if they had been lifted. The saddest part was that they broke the Air conditioning…those jerks. I told Brandon that’s what he gets for preparing to do God’s work. 🙂

Nonetheless, all else went as planned, and I got a new lamp out of the deal. Plus, our friend Matt Brubaker tied the knot this weekend. Another one bites the dust. I mean…It was a beautiful ceremony and the dancing was slammin. Today I drove 10 hours staring at the back of the Penske truck while either talking on the phone or singing at the top of my lungs. (a new post about that to come.) Until then….enjoy the following pics that I feel pretty well sum up the first 4 weeks of my summer.


hole in one


the reads at the jones wedding


most of our relationships is spent in the car.


our favorite mode of transportation


goodbye chicago



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