i love roller coasters

ok so I’m not in Charlotte anymore. ha. I was there for 2 days and one night. Then, I decided to go to Williamsburg, Va with Brandon and some of his family members. We went to the water park, Busch Gardens and Virginia, Beach. It was super fun, I hadn’t been to a water park, or been on a roller coaster in way to long and I was lovin it for sure. Now, I am in High Point hanging out with Brandon some more ( I am still shocked he isn’t sick of me yet.) We are going to a dollar movie tonight. It’s like we are a real short-distance couple. I am trying not to get to used to it, but it sure is nice for now. Here is a list of things I hope happens at the movies tonight…..

1. I get to sneak in some ice cream.
2. we aren’t late so I get to see the previews.
3. People clap at the end. that should happen more often.


One thought on “i love roller coasters

  1. Oh no, you’re one of those people!? I always grit my teeth when people clap at the end of movies as if the actors can hear you. Fanmail is a much more effective method of communicating with stars (though I’ve never done that either… hmmm).

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