let me hear you clap your hands.

Update on the movie:

1. We did get ice cream. I put in a dish in my purse, rode with it about ten minutes on the motorcycle, and got it successfully into the theatre where it tasted delicious.

2. Due to purchasing the ice cream, we missed the previews, but because it was a dollar theatre and we watched an older movie…it’s possible that they were all previews of movies I had already seen. No harm done.

3. There was no clapping at the end. Well, the end of the movie was sad. You can’t really clap for a sad ending. I think that the last time I clapped at a movie ending was D3: The Mighty Ducks. Charlie returns to prep school and makes up with coach Orion just in time for them (with the help of Goldberg who was moved to defenseman instead of goalie) to edge by the varsity team. Definetly worth a clap at the end.

What have you seen worth clapping for?


2 thoughts on “let me hear you clap your hands.

  1. I’ll limit myself to four:

    1. Doubt (If you like an “actor’s actor,” you’d like this)
    2. Seven Pounds (a bit predictable, but still good)
    3. Once (This is an “indy” movie with a really, really great sound track. I could see you liking it.)
    4. August Rush (Tear jerker)

    Though I’m generally against clapping for movies, I could overlook it for these. šŸ™‚

  2. I’m fairly, more like 100% certain, that you owe me credit for teaching you the art of sneaking ice cream into a movie theatre:)

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