high on a hill sits a lonely goatherd..

I’m learning how to yodel. It’s been a fun challenge so far. My resources have been youtube and some random websites, and my friend Seth who happens to be really good at it. I’m not good yet, but I figure there is no rush to learning such an awesome skill. Now I have to ask myself. What is yodeling good for?  Let me know if you have an answer to that question

I was blessed beyond measure this weekend when three very lovely ladies from back home in Indiana, ventured to the East coast to pay me a visit. (Aren’t I lucky?) They even abandoned their husbands and children just for a weekend here in North Carolina. It was a really great time. We toured Charlotte, saw Mamma Mia, drove to Charleston to hang out at the beach, reminisced about high school by jamming out to old school eminem, destiny’s child, and Nelly in the car, and even had a slice of pizza literally bigger than my face. (all below photos are courtesy of Anne.) 

6335_113549589155_556784155_2435286_5897917_n     6335_113549579155_556784155_2435284_5944808_n

Having friends visit me here is really the best. Especially right now.

Brandon left last Tuesday for Kenya. He made it there safely and is having a great time so far (I gathered this all from the text that I got saying exactly that.) Thanks so much for those who have been praying for him and us. He is quite the incredible gentleman, and Jesus is going to do simply amazing things through him in the coming months. I am of course sad. This week has been rather hard, but I know that even though I don’t think I will miss him any less, I will get back to my normal self before I know it. Until then, I have been so funny about keeping myself busy by exercising like a fein, reading ridiculous amounts of Christian fiction, taking long naps, wearing out my bible,  and stalking all of you on facebook. 

On an end note…can you believe it’s stinking August? This summer has been awesome, but slow down for goodness sakes! Back to school on the 25th, first grade here I come!


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