500 days of summer

I just counted out the change in my old Jones Soda bottle and found 7 dollars worth to go to a matinee with Annie. We saw 500 days of summer. I would definitely recommend it. It’s your basic indie flick…but with a certain twist that you might enjoy. It was good to see Joseph-Gordon Levitt not chasing after Bianca Stratford, but wearing a skinny tie and having adult conversations while frolicking around the not so movie-like parts of Los Angeles. And as for Zooey Deschanel, she’s so darn cute, and she does sing a little in the movie (nothing like the shower scene from Elf, but enchanting none the less.) I give it two thumbs up, and definitely worth my 24 quarters and 10 dimes.

This video is not from the movie, but is from the same director and has Joey and Zooey in it so….enjoy


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