to tattoo or not to tattoo?…that is the question of the hour.

I am thinking of getting a tattoo. I mean, I have been thinking for a year. Last August I decided on what I thought I wanted and said that I would wait a year and if I still wanted it, I would do it. I’m not going to tell you what it is. I can tell you that it isn’t a cow and it won’t be on my stomach. I don’t want to get it without Wong around. Mostly cause I am a baby and I want him there to feel my pain too. What are your thoughts on tattoos? Are they biblical? Are they trashy? What are the coolest ones you have seen? I know how I feel, how do you feel?


6 thoughts on “to tattoo or not to tattoo?…that is the question of the hour.

  1. I think it’s great that you didn’t act on impulse and waited a year before jumping into it. I have 2 tattoos – 1 on my back that I got when I was 17 & still in high school, and 1 small one on my ankle that I got a couple years ago. I know a lot of people think it’s going against the Bible to get a tattoo, but I think it’s a personal decision. For some people it might not be okay, and for others it might. I don’t feel that having tattoos interferes with or changes my relationship with God in any way. I think they CAN be trashy, but they can also be classy. I don’t feel like mine are trashy…but others may see it differently. I think the bottom line is if you’re feeling apprehensive, or have any doubts about it…don’t do it. It’s permanent. If you feel like you need to justify it to yourself or others, then maybe you should wait a little longer. You should feel confident and comfortable with decisions like this. It’s going to be with you for the rest of your life, there’s no need to rush into it. Good luck with your decision!! šŸ™‚

  2. definitely don’t get a cow on your stomach- lol. i personally have 2 tattoos and both represent something important to me. for me, i wanted mine in a place where i could cover them and keep them personal – because they were done for that reason. i don’t even think very many people that i see on a daily basis would know i had them. i catch a glimpse of one occasionally in the mirror, etc. and am reminded of those decisions and stages of life that they represent. that’s my reason, nothing changed about me as a person, but i have marked those awesome times in my own special way. just a thought……

  3. well, if you got a disgusting animal tatooed anywhere on your body with an emphasis on its a-hole, then i would think twice about stepping out in public with you. HOWEVER, seeing as i highly doubt that is your taste, i say go for it. šŸ˜‰

  4. This subject is one of those that you could justify either way depending on how you want to interpret the bible. Leviticus says not to tattoo yourself, but the same passage also says not to cut the hair on the side of your head. If living by grace (not by law) makes the latter excusable, then why not the former?

    My suggestions are:

    1) Get a tattoo that is feminine (you are, in fact, a female)
    2) Get a tattoo that has a PROFOUND meaning to you
    3) Get a tattoo that would look good on your mom and grandma (you will, in fact, be their ages some day)
    4) Get it in a location that allows you to control when and which people see it.

    Good luck with your decision!

  5. You know I love my three tattoos. Each was planned out and purposeful. I look at them as conversation starters…people ask me about the little stars on my foot and i tell them about the day that i got those with my mom, we both have the same time and it marked my 21st year and her 50th. very special. on my wrist is the dove of the holy spirit…kind of abstract, it looks like fire and a dove and when people ask i love being able to start a conversation about why i am stamped with the image reminder of the holy spirit. the morning glory vine on my back was done in honor of my my mamaw….morning glories start over every day-fresh….just like my mamaw who was always sick, but kept rising each day to live in the light of the Lord.

    people can freak out about tattoos (and some–like that pic are worth freaking about)….but i look at them as an opportunity to commit to something and share it with others. think long and hard, and enjoy it. i feel “right at home” with mine….and most of the time no one even knows i have them….fun surprise.

    anyways, that was a long response…but you asked! šŸ˜‰

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