you had me at ahoy.

Birthday weekend has come and gone.

I’m 25 and I think I am really going to like it. The first week has been really exhausting, ok mostly horrible, but I am just sure that this is bound to be the best year of life yet.

Let’s back track a little bit.
Last weekend on Friday we headed over to Meredith and Brittany’s for her official housewarming party. She has worked really hard and her new place is super cute. I may or may not have stepped out of line and punched Scott in the chest during a rousing game of cornhole, but I felt horrible and made sure and apologized.

Saturday was the day of my pirate birthday parrrrrty. It was so cute and fun. (Atleast I thought it was fun.) I loved having all my Charlotte friends together and the super great Boggs’ came down from high point, and so did Lana which made the night extra special. There were plenty of pirate jokes and even a little booty shakin…so all in all, the party was a success.


Sunday was off to church, Ben is starting a new series on the holy spirit which I am really really excited for. Sunday afternoon I got to have a really nice skype date with Brandon. It was truly wonderful. I really do feel blessed by the small conversations we get to have. Even if it’s just a moment to say hi. They are like a breath of fresh air.

Monday was my true birthday. We made pirate hats at school, and my students walked around saying “Argh it’s me teacher’s birthday.” Which I thought was the darn cutest thing ever. Then, a couple of friends got together to go watch the colts win monday night football. I especially loved that night. I just love really fun get-togethers with small groups of people.

Even though school has been WILD (that is why there have been a lack of posts lately….) there really have been a lot of super fantastic things happening to the people I love…..for instance….(sorry if I leave anyone out)

My friends Julia and Michelle just ran a half marathon

Erica and Matt got married 🙂 IMG_5962

My friend Erin from back in JC is gonna have a baby!june 024

Christine and Tracy got engaged in a hot air balloon in Asheville!

IMG_5925Ben and Erin are getting hitched too!


So are Devan and Paul…….and Austin and Freddie!!!!

7832_648257540088_55701289_37807388_8324386_n 5894_1174939183244_1521027609_30464000_2910595_n

It has seriously been one set of exciting news after another around here….and I’m loving it.


One thought on “you had me at ahoy.

  1. OH MY WORD….bennett too???!!!
    that’s great!
    sooo fun….
    lots going on in our friends’ lives
    right now i’m listening to rosie and thinking of her concert we were able to enjoy

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