this song is my jam

One of my favorite pastimes is singing in the car.

I don’t mean like singing along to my favorite tunes all sweet and innocent, I mean full open mouth, turning up the radio all the way so I can’t hear myself and occasionally waving my arms.

I also believe I may have mastered the art of what to do when someone actually catches me in the act of this ridiculousness. If what I just stated is true, then I feel that it is my duty as a fellow member of the highway choir club to share my insights.

The way I see it, in the likelyhood that you take a second during your rendition of Kelly’s “Since you’ve been Gone” to look over your shoulder to the onlooker in the vehicle next to you,  you have 1 of 4 choices…

1. Immediately stop. As far as that high school boy in his pick-up truck knows, what he thought he just saw never happened, it was just a figment of his imagination. He probably doesn’t have enough freedom in his veins to do it himself and just wishes what he thought he saw had been true.

2. smile politely and then stop. So what if thriller is the best dance ever….that guy in his lexus doesn’t even deserve the chance to see your sweet moves, you’ve only just spent a second together at this red light, you barely know him. So, you look at him, smile sweetly, turn a little red, but deny him the chance to see the best display of zombieness he has ever seen.

3. keep going…just tone it down. So what? That girl in her volkswagon just caught you rapping better than jay-z, but the song isn’t over. Who is she to steal what could have been the highlight of your whole day or your whole r&b career?  So you keep going, but you decide to keep the gang signs below the steering wheel, you don’t need her telling the story to all her sorority sisters.

4.roll with it It’s one of those days, you could care less if grandma blue-hair just caught you singing into your waterbottle. As a matter of fact, the only way this moment could get better is if she joined you, so you roll your window down, stick your arm out towards her and remind her to “Don’t stop believin….”

Those are just some ideas…maybe you have others? please share your wisdom with the group.


6 thoughts on “this song is my jam

  1. I’m pretty sure I get caught way more often than I think I do, and when I notice I got caught…I go for option #4. Unless it’s someone I know. Well, no, even if it’s someone I know. I figure that if I don’t know the person, who cares if they saw me, because I’m never going to see them again anyway. If I do know them…well, then they probably expect that out of me, so it doesn’t really matter.

  2. hilarious! literally laughing out loud!

    my favorite? this…

    “that guy in his lexus doesn’t even deserve the chance to see your sweet moves, you’ve only just spent a second together at this red light, you barely know him”

  3. I’ll bring you some juice, and you let me borrow your car so I have one to drive around singing in.
    I usually throw in a wave before I continue my concert in the car.

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