call da po po hoe.

oh wow. What an eventful evening.

It all started with planning a coffee date with my friend/coworker Sommer. caribou-coffee-logo

On my way to our chosen coffee shop, she called me and said that she had unfortunately locked her keys in her car. mlyn652l

I picked her up and we headed to my house to get some heavy artillery to remedy the problem. images

She also called a locksmith whom hung up before she could ask him how much his services were going to cost her. So she called back….but there was no answer.

After several long minutes of trying to break into the car, we realized our hanger wasn’t working. (It’s hard with automatic locks.) BUT, our locksmith had arrived to hopefully, save the day. He got out of his car and told her it was going to cost $65.shocked She politely told him “No Thank You.” and that we would find someone else to do it. He was polite at first, trying to convince her otherwise. She reminded him of the fact that she had called him to find out the cost, but he did not answer his phone call. He wasn’t satisfied. he said it was going to cost her $35 dollars anyway because he had to drive out on a Sunday night in the cold. She basically told him that this wasn’t her problem, he should have answered his phone, and he couldn’t make her pay anything. (You go Girl) All this time, I am but a mere spectator, admiring the way that Sommer is handling herself so calmy…

and then when_the_shit_hits_the_fan_3215952….

The next thing I know the guy is telling her that she should go to that really hot place where people go when they die if they don’t have Jesus, and that she’s a piece of something smelly. (He was really angry.) And then he says that he is going to have her car towed, which I told her was impossible. They are both sharing words while dialing their phones, and I stood by like deer_in_the_headlights_look. Worse comes to worse and I hear Sommer saying into her cell phone. ” I need a police officer here because I am being harassed by a locksmith.” Then, the locksmith was in his car and gone, and I was scared so I made Sommer come get in my car with me while the nice police lady gave her the number of a different locksmith and we recounted over and over again what had happened like we had just gotten into a fight on the playground.

Then, the nicest man ever from 1-800-pop-a-lock came on over and popped the door open in 2 seconds flat and barely charged us a nickel…ok it was more than a nickel but it felt like nothing compared to what he had been through.

So…in summary…

24.7 locksmiths of Charlotte thumbs-down pop-a-lockba-mccain_palin__0499338551


6 thoughts on “call da po po hoe.

  1. OMG!
    that is crazy….but it also makes me wonder why i’m not surprised!!!!
    some people, late at night, can be so horrible and think they can get away with it!
    glad sommer put him in his place….and the lock:)!
    miss you girl……wish i was seeing you in december!

  2. This entry reminds me of those giant notes people write out on poster board with candy bars (You’re a “SweetTart”, You’re worth a “Hundred Grand”). Creative, funny!

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