Thanksgiving gets skipped on Mean Girls….weird.

So, I went home to Indiana for Thanksgiving. My dear old dad was kind enough to buy me a ticket and fly me out. It was so great to see so many people. True, I didn’t get to see “everyone” since I was only there for a few short days, but the ones whom I did get to see made my mini-vacation quite wonderful. It’s crazy seeing babies grow up, and friends fill their bellies with new ones…(is that awkward to say? Oh well, it’s already out there.) It’s weird to think that all my friends back in Indiana are in that married/children stage of life. It’s a beautiful stage…to visit for a week. 🙂

My friend Donna here in Charlotte is having a baby soon. We threw/through (I’m just not really sure which one is right in this case..) her a baby shower at school. I ordered a baby shower cake that said Congratulations Donna! When it got to school It said Congracrualatons Donna! Really? You decorate cakes for a living? Post that word up somewhere in the bakery…

Last night we had a Christmas movie marathon/pajama/christmas cookie party. I felt like there were a zillion people here. Probably cause there were. But it was awesome, and it was awesome looking around and seeing people sleeping on pretty much every inch of our floor. Here is the funniest story of the night…including some background info…

Probably about a month ago I got a card in the mail from Wong. It’s pink and covered with hearts and says…Good Luck on Your Exams!  When you open it, it plays this extremely high pitched song that I didn’t recognize, but the song never stops playing it’s like that song from Lambchop. I couldn’t actually focus to read Wong’s letter while the song was playing so I disassembled the whole inside of the card to get it to stop. Last night, I woke up (remember, there are people asleep everywhere, and my room is full of purses and things..Christine happened to be in my bed too. All of a sudden I hear someone’s cell phone and I look at the clock in my room and it says 3:40…I waited patiently for the sound to stop but it never did, it might have even gotten louder, or I was just more aware of it. Finally, I said “Christine, What the heck is that?” She got out of bed and was looking around…I seriously still thought it was someone’s cell phone…but we soon realized it was Brandon’s crazy exam card! WEIRD. I had taken that thing completely apart and it hadn’t played music in a month!…….yikes

I leave for Africa in 13 days. That is so insane to me. Until yesterday I don’t think I had time to really process that yet, but it’s like actually happening for real….crazy. Pray for me, as I get ready to go , and that my traveling goes safe and smooth, I know I am supposed to be brave and grown-up and all that jazz, but trying to get all of Brandon’s junk food through customs makes me a little nervous.

In further news, It’s Advent! My favorite season of the whole year…instead of writing about it again, check out last year’s advent post, it’s a good one…


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