Our Story

At First Sight

My freshman year at Taylor University I was sitting in my ethnic and minorities class, a couple of rows behind my friend Josh Canada. The kid next to him was wearing an MR Ducks shirt and I pointed out how funny it was to the girl next to me. When the professor took the attendance and called my name, the MR Ducks guy asked Josh who I was, and Josh turned around, pointed me out, and waved. I waved back. That was the first time I saw Brandon Wong.

Ireland Adventure

A year later, as I was preparing to study abroad in Ireland, I was in a meeting about the upcoming trip and saw Brandon again. He was going to Ireland too. We discovered we had some mutual friends and ran into each other a couple of times in the student union and at other group happenings until we moved to Greystones in January 2005. Brandon had his sights on someone else, and I had a boyfriend at home which led to the beginning of a wonderful friendship.


At the end of our semester in Greystones, My roommate Mary, Brandon, and I went on a backpacking adventure across Western Europe. It was amazing, and although Brandon wasn’t extremely fond of me on the trip, it further solidified our friendship. 🙂

Back Home at TU

As we returned back for our final 2 years at Taylor, it seemed as our groups of friends had become one and we saw each other…well, all the time.

Post Graduation

Graduation came, and we attended 2 wonderful summer weddings, the first in which our friend Heidi teased us about getting married, which I thought was ridiculous. And at the second I found myself wondering if maybe I could possibly see myself with Mr. Brandon Wong. (He did the twist with me, and it may have been his dance moves that clouded my mind momentarily.) The day after that wedding, I moved to Charlotte, and he soon moved off to Chicago, and for the next year and a half we kept in contact with phone calls a few times a month, a couple of trips to visit mutual friends, and one jump out of an airplane for Wong’s birthday.

September 2009

By this time I was sure my feelings for Brandon were for real, but I had no idea how to make these feelings known without doing serious damage to our friendship, or to my pride if he didn’t share those feelings. In early September, Brandon’s sister, Kristin, was getting married a few hours from Charlotte and he asked me to be his date. I of course said yes, but also prepared myself for what might be the worst choice I could ever make…telling Brandon Wong I had feelings for him. That night after the wedding we were on the couch at his parents house, I was a nervous wreck, but I bluntly said…I have feelings for you. He said nothing. (awesome….) Then he said he already knew, because Mary’s husband Matt had told him a year ago. (even better…..) I now felt completely foolish because surely if he had known for a year then surely he would have said something if he felt the same…… As my mind raced he finally said he shared my feelings. (WOOHOO!!!!!) We were now at a loss though because we still lived over 800 miles from each other. We decided to pray about it and I drove back to Charlotte that night with the craziest feeling ever.

Happy Birthday

2 weeks later, Brandon flew down and surprised me for my birthday and we made it official. 🙂 Brandon Wong was my boyfriend….craziness.

We Love Loooooong Distannnnce

After my birthday weekend, Brandon flew back to Chicago and we “mastered” the art of long distance dating. (The fact that we had already known each other almost 4 years helped A LOT.) For almost a year we made special trips to see each other, spent a lot of hours on the phone, and texted like maniacs. (all while Brandon’s hair got longer and longer..hehe) Then, Brandon felt the Lord’s leading to Mombasa, Kenya and we prepared to make the distance in our relationship a little bit longer. He left in July of 09 and we added skyping to our list of communication tools. In December I got a chance to visit, and in February he moved back to North Carolina.

Short Distance

In March, Wong moved to Charlotte and started looking for jobs in the area, and we started to get used to talking in person everyday, and we loved it. 4 weeks ago, Brandon got a job….and last weekend I got a fiance. 🙂

We’re getting hitched!

May 29th, 2010 on a beautiful hike in the mountains near Asheville, NC. Brandon Wong asked me to be his wife and I of course said yes. We feel incredibly blessed to look back at our friendship and the things we have gone through together and see God’s hand in it all. 🙂 On October 10, 2010…I am going to be Mrs. Wong.


4 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. ah gee, I’m tearing up. So sweet. I’m so glad I got to see the majority of this story unfold!! Love you!

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