Hotlanta part deux.

Last Sunday was Brandon’s Birthday!!!!! WOOHOOO. I love birthdays, and I was pretty sad that we were going to be in the car most of the day and wouldn’t be able to celebrate it with his favorite meal and a party and all of that, but we managed to make some fun things happen. We stopped in Atlanta on the way home from the conference to hang out with our great Taylor friend Sarah Toldt.

We got to go to the aquarium and it was AWESOME. If you have never been, you should go.  Here are some pics from our time there, I apologize for the cameramanship (if that’s a word) we haven’t really learned the ins and outs of our fancy new camera yet so I just point and shoot at anything I think is super sweet.

We also got to go to the Varsity, a restaurant that I saw on the food network a couple of times. The hot dogs were delicious, and Brandon let me taste his orange cream slushie. yum.


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