Our first married Christmas

Isn’t Christmas so great? You know you love it. I know I do. I love advent, I posted about that previously, you can search the archives for it if you want. This year to celebrate advent and the anticipation of the birth of the Messiah, we made a lego figurine each day.

Even though it was our first Christmas together, and we have yet to truly enhance our decoration collection, we did our best to make our little home a cozy holiday getaway.

We spent Christmas eve and day with the rest of the Wong family in High Point and loved playing games, opening gifts, and watching the snow fall.

Then, we headed out through the winter wonderland to Indiana where we spent a week catching up with friends and the Liggett side of our family. I didn’t get close to enough good pictures of our time there. Mostly because we were busy chatting, eating, and playing games, next time I will be sure to document more.

So, being married for the holidays was super fun, I wouldn’t go back to before I was a Wong for anything. I can’t wait for future Christmas’ together.


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