One night with The King.

Tonight, Wong is out playing poker with the guys from church. (hopefully winning) I have been feeling under the weather this week so I decided to stay home. I got a tiny bit of school work done, and referred to my netflix queue that never gets watched.

I love the story of Esther. I love the whole Bible of course but I always find myself drawn to those strong female stories, Ruth, Abigail, Esther, etc…… A year or so ago I was part of the Esther study with the women from my church. It was fab. So tonight as I stared at my never ending list of chick flicks and horror movies that Wong will probably never watch with me, I remembered that I once started the movie “One Night with The King” but fell asleep and never watched the rest.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Surely, that must be the cheesiest movie ever written. First of all, stop calling me Surely, and second of all, it very well may be, but tonight I was willing to look past that for a good solid biblical story because I will give it to them, even with the cheesy-ness, they cling pretty close to the true story (feel free to argue…) ANYWAY

I made it the whole way through without rolling my eyes or laughing at the cheesiness. I actually kind of liked it. (Don’t tell my movie buff friends. They will ridicule me for life.) The real reason I am posting this is because after the movie was over I was browsing through facebook and I heard a song rolling through the credits that I couldn’t even believe was real. It was like they took all of the cheesy things that could have happened in the movie and saved them for this one moment……I have taken the liberty of finding a video of it on youtube for you to enjoy…granted, it is less cheesy actually watching her sing it than listening to it while the credits roll. The moral of this story is…if I ever decide to be a song writer and they play my song during the latter parts of a movie’s credits, I will know that it’s time to find a new career path.

In an attempt to not overuse the word cheesy in this here post…enjoy.


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