May the Fourth be with you

Tomorrow is Scott’s birthday. If you don’t know Scott, well you should. He’s a great guy and it has been nice being his friend for a couple of years. I love birthdays. It’s like your own special day that’s all about you! That hardly ever happens, well it only happens once every 365 turns around the sun, and that isn’t often enough. So, I think birthdays are nice and that special things should be done when someone’s 365th turn around the sun comes to pass. Sadly, or not so sadly, Scott has to share his birthday with Cinco de Drinco. So tonight for homegroup we celebrated a little early with a special batch of cupcakes.

I think it was Scott who introduced my dear husband to the game Angry Birds, and therefore introduced me which led to a near addiction. Anyhoot, I thought these turned out pretty cute and it was a fun way to celebrate one “super-fly” guy.


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