Throw some glitter make it rain

This weekend was incredible.

Brandon and I flew out to Denver to celebrate this lovely couple.

There truly are not words for how I feel about these two. Mary, is my best friend. She was my matron of honor, my college roommate 3 years running, my rock, the sister I was unfortunately raised without, and one of the most loving, smart, and funny people I have ever been blessed to know. As for Matt, he shares my love for small town Indiana, laughs at my jokes, is a great friend to my husband, looks great in a bowtie which we found out as he stood with us at our wedding, and allowed me to share in his first ever and probably only karaoke experience. He is going to be one of the best pastors that this world has ever seen or heard.

We went to Denver to watch them graduate from seminary. Matt with his masters in divinity, and Mary with hers in counseling. What a dynamic duo these two are and will continue to be. 4 years ago they made the hard choice to go to school full time, be newlyweds, and work as well. They knew it was going to be hard, and it was, but we were so blessed to be there as they crossed the stage into their new lives as masters graduates, and I cannot wait to see what life and the Lord has in store for them in the near future.

We did some fun things while we were there. Matt and Mary were blessed to have both sets of parents there as well so we got to enjoy some seriously fun family time. And even though the weather wasn’t completely cooperative (aka freezing), we still got to do plenty of fun things, including cook out, watch baby mama, and go to the world’s largest mexican restaurant.

I ask God daily to make a way for us to live closer to these precious friends and he has stayed quiet so far, but I will stay faithful in my prayers and someday we can journey together though life at a closer proximity. Until then, we will continue to love them from afar and watch as God leads them into a new adventure.


One thought on “Throw some glitter make it rain

  1. So glad you guys got to be there, Laci!! And that you got to go to casa bonita again. And watch baby mama- top movie choice. So many good things in one weekend!

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