…and the thunder rolls.

Man, we are getting some nasty storms here in Charlotte. I am currently sitting in bed waiting for the electricity to go out….and there it goes. Let’s try this again…

I am currently sitting in bed waiting for the electricity to come back on and praying that the trees in the parking lot aren’t going to fall onto my car, or into our bedroom.
Brandon is reading the end of the last Harry Potter book by flashlight, (Thank goodness he is finishing so we can talk about it all finally.)

Summer has officially begun here in Charlotte. I have been out of school and away from these lovely faces… for 1 whole week and am quickly adjusting to life outside of work. I am reading “The Hunger Games” series. I think that they are extremely well written, but they are heart wrenching so that’s fair warning if you decide to read them yourself. I am babysitting two days a week for the world’s sweetest little girls so I don’t really even get to consider it a summer job because it’s too fun.  

Outside of hanging out with the girls, I have spent my time doing some things around the house that I put off when I didn’t have as much time. I painted a dresser that I am currently in love with. It started as I sad blue chest of drawers from the salvation army store and has become a cute piece in our bedroom and a cozy home for my unmentionables. I am also going to have some pieces in an art show on July 1st, so I try to make some time each day to finish those up. 

We are also preparing ourselves as Christine and Tracy pack their belongings and head out for their great adventure in Chile. We are going to miss them dearly. I get pooly every single time I think of them going, but God is going to do HUGE things through these two that we are so stoked about. 

It’s going to be a big summer.  I promise to be a more faithful blogger because I don’t want you to miss out on the excitement either. Now if the electricity would just come back on so I could post this……


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